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Research & Development

Our research gives an overview of the technological innovations, consensus mechanism and governance approach behind Catalyst.

Case Studies

Decentralised Time Stamping

Through time stamping documents and adding proof to an immutable ledger proof of ownership can be demonstrated at low cost with no expensive legal checks. Using the Atlas time stamping tool, it will allow the user to regain control over their IP.

Food Provenance on Blockchain

Producers in the food provenance supply chain process require a solution that increases transparency between producers and consumers. By using DLT, producers are able to authenticate their produce and consumers are able to access immutable data to validate the claims on packaging or labels.

Recycling with Blockchain

The United Nations pledged to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns by 2030 as part of their Sustainable Development Goals; in response, Sweden has created a zero-waste society in which domestic and industrial waste is recycled or disposed of sustainably.
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