Today's blockchain technologies are not practical in the real world, and adoption is threatened as a result. Our mission is to build a truly decentralised Internet owned and run by the community, enabling the next wave of business models.

Atlas City is developing industry-specific instances built on the Catalyst Network.

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Style Guide

Trademarked and protected by Atlas City Global. Please refer to the Brand Guidelines for usage rules. Only Atlas City and its authorized licensees may use Atlas City logos, typefaces and graphic symbols in advertising, promotional and sales materials. If you are authorized to use Atlas City logos then you must use the Atlas City logos only as specified in your agreement (and any associated usage terms) and such use must always include appropriate terms that define the relationship authorized by your agreement (e.g. integrator, service provider, licensee, etc.). Authorized parties must follow the style guidelines below for all uses of the Atlas City logo.

logo summary

Logo Guidelines

Atlas City logo uses only one colour at a time: Dark or Light blue. It can also be used in white/black depending on background and format.

The logo can be used both on a white and dark background for maximum impact and clarity. The following versions are available for use:

logo space


Our colour palette is varied and admits many uses on illustrations and images. We recommend not mixing more than 3 colours at the same time.

logo colours