How can Trustamp be used?
Consumer data is often compromised when theyare exposed to malware, typically fake software download files. Companies canuse <TRUSTAMP> to ensure authenticity of the software download bycreating an immutable proof of the original file. Users can then verify thefile on the <TRUSTAMP> portal before installation.
Inventory Checks
Images and videos are one of the best methods toprove the physical condition of any item prior to the rental period. However,it is difficult to legally prove the time of creation for these images andvideos. <TRUSTAMP> can create a proof of existence for any such filetypes at the current time, through an easy drag & drop process.
Labour-intensive industries, especially that work closely with Government authorities, require approvals from multiple personnel before executing their work. Additionally, approvals may be required in a hierarchical manner within a specified timeframe. <TRUSTAMP> can record approvals at every stage and speed up the process as multiple users can access the updated contracts (provided they have the necessary credentials).
Intellectual Property
Proving claims to intellectual properties can be challenging due to the difficulty in demonstrating the existence of an idea, design, logo, name or academic research at a specific point of time. <TRUSTAMP> allows for creating a timestamp on any filetype, thus giving you the opportunity to legally support your claims with such files.
Maintenance Checks
Fire alarm testing, safetyequipment testing, and sanitary checks must be conducted on a regular basis toensure a safe and healthy environment. However, there is a possibility of negligence of duty, which could in turn pose danger. <TRUSTAMP> can allowfor timestamping of images whenever a check/testing is conducted. This standsfor proof that the necessary checks/testing were conducted at the appointedtime.
Creative work
Digital artwork is subject to duplication and unauthorised usage for promotional purposes. Any usage of digital artwork requires appropriate permissions or ownership of the artwork. In the event of unauthorised usage, one should be able to prove ownership of the artwork.<TRUSTAMP> allows for proving such ownership by creating a timestamp on the artwork that is discretely linked to the user’s account.